At PhotoVibeStudio we recognise that for the right effect , photographers need the right kind of light. Not only have we got excellent natural light in Studio ONE, from both large windows and skylight, but an array of light modifiers for you to use with the studio strobes. Studio TWO is larger and can be blacked out for complete flash light control. It also benefits from a three way white infinity curve and a large black vinyl back drop roll at the other. Studio 2 is kitted out with four of the latest remote controlled Lencarta flash heads. Both studios can be set up to be working simultaneously with full compliment of studio flash and wireless triggers.

We are always adding to our kit list but it includes;

  • 2m Gridded Stripbox
  • 1.2m Gridded Stripbox
  • Two narrow 90cm Gridded Stripboxes
  • Two 4ftx3ft Softboxes
  • Two 2ftx2ft Softboxes
  • 6ftx5ft Big Mama Softbox
  • 40cm Gridded Beauty Dish
  • 70cm Gridded Beauty Dish
  • 50cm Grid and diffuser Beauty Dish
  • Two Big Bertha 12inch Reflectors
  • Gridded Reflectors
  • Snoots
  • Gels
  • Scrims
  • Fan
  • Wind Machine
  • Smoke Machine
  • Low Fog Machine
  • Ring Light


Of course you also need the right type of backdrop and props to make your images complete. To this end we are always adding to our collection of traditional backgrounds, vinyl and paper coloured backdrops plus quirky and contemporary ‘scenes’ are created and rotated on a regular basis. To ensure the studio is used safely, without numerous trigger wires, all strobes are fitted with radio wireless triggers. For enthusiast users, simply arrive with a camera that can accommodate our standard hot-shoe fitting radio transmitter.

((Note that use of paper rolls incurs an additional charge of £6 per metre worn. A typical shoot would normally use 2mtrs.))